If you are looking for a way to store or transport your goods without them being damaged, you need look no further than Steel Constructions. We produce storage equipment for all kinds of goods.

No matter what you want to store: Steel Constructions has the ideal solution for your problem. We produce storage equipment for all manner of loose and fixed goods. This may mean all the fixtures and fittings of large warehouses and distribution centres, like those used by Blokker and Leen Bakker, or boats that you want to put into storage for the winter. Perhaps you want to transport trees or store traffic signs. The sky is the limit!

Practical properties

Storage equipment from Steel Constructions is always robust, safe and hot-dip galvanised for a long service life. Our storage equipment is modular and is known for its practical properties. Our stacking racks, cage units, stacking containers and (boat)racks are always stackable and easy to transport. You can stack them without any problems and that allows you to store a large amount of stock on even a small site.

Do you need to store something which has an unusual shape or content? Steel Constructions also produces customised storage equipment. The related product development and manufacturing takes place in-house and entirely in the Netherlands. As a result, we can respond to your requests extremely quickly.

Automated warehouse

Do you have an unmanned, automated warehouse? Storage equipment from Steel Constructions can be made very precisely and to customised specifications to reduce downtime to a minimum.

Opslagmateriaal huren

Steel Constructions verkoopt niet alleen opslagmateriaal, maar verhuurt deze ook voor tijdelijke opslag. Vraag naar de mogelijkheden!