If you are looking for a way to store or transport your boat without it being damaged, what you need is a sturdy and reliable rack. Find out more about boat racks from Steel Constructions!

Steel Constructions has designed steel boat racks that are supplied with height-adjustable rubber blocks. Thanks to their extremely strong construction, our racks have a load-carrying capacity of no less than 8000 kg.

During the sailing season when you don’t need the racks, they can be stacked quite easily allowing you to save on precious storage space.

Boat racks from Steel Constructions can be fitted with wheels so that they can be moved around quite easily if required. Do you have specific requirements? All boat racks can be made to your individual requirements.


Steel Constructions carries out both the design and production of its boat racks in-house.

With production being carried out in our modern automated steelworks, our boat racks are surprisingly attractively priced and can be supplied extremely quickly. Contact us to find out about the options available!

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