For the production and supply of scaffolding tubes, you need look no further than Steel Constructions. Our scaffolding tubes are always available directly from stock and can be produced with the dimensions that you require.

Scaffolding tubes from Steel Constructions are durable and hot-dip galvanised in accordance with NEN-EN 1461. Consequently, your scaffolding structure or temporary road sign will be protected from both wind and weather.

The scaffolding tubes can be supplied, as desired, with swivel couplers, cross couplings, wedge couplers or welded couplings.


Steel Constructions produces thousands of scaffolding tubes every year. With its own modern automated plant Steel Constructions can supply high-quality tubular poles extremely quickly at a favourable price.

Technische details

Steigerbuizen van Steel Constructions hebben een diameter van rond 48 cm.

Do you need to order a large batch of scaffolding tubes? Steel Constructions can supply quickly and reliably. Request a quote