Therefore Leen Bakker commissioned Steel Constructions to design and produce a cage unit, 9000 of which were ultimately supplied. These cages are easy to use and suitable for transporting items of various shapes and sizes safely. Steel Constructions also organised the impact protection in the warehouse that protects the racking from being damaged.

The cage units were made to measure and had to comply with strict requirements. In order to be able to achieve the speed required, the warehouse is fully automated. That means that almost all the logistical operations are carried out by a large travelling crane and automatic pallet trucks. Therefore in order to avoid downtime, it was important for the heavily laden cage units not to bend outwards at all or only slightly.


Steel Constructions is not averse to automation either. As a result, the prototype of the cage unit was realised in just two weeks. The whole order took no more than four months to complete.

We are proud of the fact that there have been no reports of damage since the cage unit was first commissioned in 2011. So not a single cage has had to be replaced. That has been beneficial for both Steel Constructions and Leen Bakker.

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